OVERVIEW - 上海市新华律师事务所

Founded in 1981, XIN HUA LAW FIRM is one of the first partnership law firms in Shanghai, providing litigation and non-litigation services in many areas including foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, asset reorganization, securities issuance and listings, real estate and constructions, intellectual property rights, trade, finance, insurance and labor disputes. As a fully integrated partnership, the legal team of Xinhua consists of people with interdisciplinary talents, most of whom are graduates from leading law schools within China or overseas. Currently there are 46 lawyers and staffs working for our firm.

For over 30 years, we have been keeping the goal of establishing a leading brand in legal service area. Meanwhile, we have engaged in providing excellent, efficient, and professional services in various fields and at different levels to domestic and overseas clients from all walks of life. Within the firm, each team is led by a senior partner, working together and separately, providing specialized advices to help clients avoid risks, and also designing innovative framework to work out constructive and workable proposals for the purpose of helping clients ensure maximum profit. Since the establishment, our firm has handled more than 30,000 cases and provided year-round legal advisory services to over 2,000 enterprises and institutions.